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SHORT TERM MEDICAL: With several options to choose from, these are plans designed to bridge you between plans (maybe between jobs, or you need to cover a few months before the Annual enrollment for ACA plans or a few months before your Medicare eligibility)   After 9/1 these plans will  be limited to 3 month increments with an option to add 1 month.  The shortest period of coverage is 1 month.  With these plans, you can choose your deductible and maximum out of pocket spending limits.  These plans include a variety of networks, often more extensive than ACA plan networks.  You will be subject to medical underwriting, pre-existing condition exclusions and you must meet height/weight requirements.

HOSPITAL INDEMNITY PLANS: These are plans designed to provide a daily hospital benefit.  Several levels to choose from.  These pair well with the Medicare Advantage plans that all have daily rates for hospital stays.

ACCIDENT / INJURY PLANS: These plans are designed to compensate YOU when you have an accident or injury that requires medical care.   This will offset the  out of pocket expenses you will incur with your traditional plan.  Benefits will depend on the severity of your injury and the care required.   These are great additions to traditional insurance, particularly for people who get “hurt” more than they get sick and may have high deductibles on their traditional insurance.

VISION PLAN: This is an affordable plan that offers coverage for your annual exam,  provides coverage for your frames and lenses and/or contact lenses.   Per person costs are reduced if more than one family member participates.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE: Because most traditional insurance plans (and Medicare) don’t provide coverage outside of the U.S. it may be a wise choice to purchase a plan to cover you for the exact number of days you will be out of the U.S.    You can choose your deductible and max benefit amounts.   The quote and application process for these plans is very simple.    

LIFE INSURANCE: We offer a variety of options from simple “final expense” policies to more extensive Term and Whole life policies.   Costs are based on insurance amount, age, gender and health status.   Most plans require Health Underwriting except for the final expense plans (which generally include a 2 year waiting period clause).

CANCER & SPECIFIED ILLNESS PLANS: These plans provide extra financial support when faced with cancer or a major event like heart attack or stroke.  With these plans, cash benefits are paid directly to you based on your diagnosis and the services that you receive.   With approximately 2 million new cases a year,  it is a real possibility for many of us.  These plans can help offset co-payments, deductibles, treatments excluded by your plan, prescription copays or medications not covered by your plan as well as travel and lodging to and from care.

LONG-TERM CARE: There are several different types of Long Term Care plans that have replaced the older styles.   Many are now tied to Life insurance, some offer a simple daily benefit, some are designed specifically for home health.  The options are numerous, so you can pick the type of plan that best suits your goals.

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