Short Term Medical Plans – Purchase coverage for periods as short as 30 days up to 184 days.   These plans offer an affordable way to bridge gaps in coverage between jobs or between retirement and your Medicare eligibility date.   Choose your own deductible and maximum out of pocket spending limits.  These plans include a comprehensive provider network.   You will be subject to medical underwriting, pre-existing condition exclusions and you must meet height/weight criteria.

Hospital Indemnity Plans – these plans pay a fixed amount per day for hospital confinement (some include other qualifying medical services), UP TO the calendar year maximums of your standard medical plan.  Some of these standard plans have out of pocket maximums of up to $7150.00 per person.   You MUST have ACA minimum essential coverage to qualify for these plans. 

Accident Plans – these plans pay fixed amounts, per event for expenses related to qualifying accidental bodily injuries.    This may include Emergency room fees, doctor visits, visits to Urgent care, ambulance, surgical services, and physical therapy.  Reimbursements are based on fixed amounts outlined in the plan, not based on billed amounts.

Vision plans – offering options through major carriers for you and the entire family.

International Travel – these policies provide important health insurance protections while you are outside of the United States.    Most Medicare plans and standard plans do not provide coverage outside of the U.S.   Buy a plan for a few days up to several months.   Very low cost with flexible options.

Healthcare Marketplace plans – assistance with the application process for individual and family insurance through   Enrollment must be done during the annual Open Enrollment period in November unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period based on a loss of other coverage, moving into a new service area or other qualifying changes.   These plans provide minimal essential coverage and cannot exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. Cost of coverage is based on income.

Health Plans for Individuals and Families – these plans are OUTSIDE of the Health Insurance Marketplace and not subject to requirements of the ACA.   Therefore, they can be applied for at any time of the year, but you are subject to health questions and there are some exclusions for coverage of pre-existing conditions. Cost of coverage is based on your age and plan selection.




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